Video Event MendozaXD NewYorkCity 2014

Made in New York - Manhattan

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MendozaXD NFC Added Value Tracking

How do we Use NFC Tags in our Products and proposals

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New Presentation MendozaXD October 2015 -Hotel InterContinental Mendoza-

We invite you to join this new experience with Chef Pablo Barbero Contact us!!

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Identity Video about MendozaXD

WATCH VIDEO MendozaXD.com From Mendoza to the World..

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About MendozaXD/MarianoFermosel

Organization dedicated to the design and production of products, processes, services, events and environments with the focus on the quality of the user experience

What we do...

-Promotional activities through distinguished experiences in hotels, restaurants, consulates, embassies, fairs, wineries, art galleries, among others.

-Design and production of design objects with cultural base.

-Design and production of informative and interactive media support.

-Production of promotional material with cultural makers (musicians, designers, directors, photographers, specialists) in order to demonstrate the value of companies and enterprises of Mendoza - Argentina.

-Web platform, online store, shipments abroad.

-Strategic production for social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and other social platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Polyvore.

-Commercial and cultural links.

Experience Design?

Experience Design(XD) can clearly be defined as  the practice of designing products, processes, services, events, and environments with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience and culturally relevant solutions, nourished by concise examples of application in order to grow

The experience design is driven by the consideration and experience that transits the user at the time to relate to a product, brand or service. It is at this moment, when experiencing feelings, ideas, emotions and memories,when we create the link with the user generating the expected empathy.

The design of the user experience is a highly multidisciplinary field thus ensuring the cultural and experiential synergy needed to successfully meet the goals defined,  allowing even to overcome them.

Still, this methodology should not be focused only on the sensations of the end user,  but also those that add value to a product or service.

Objects as transport of new sensations and experiences

The emotional, cultural, social and environmental aspects of product, are key to connecting with users, because they are the aspects that eventually define a product beyond the merely functional and aesthetic.

To understand the motivations of the end users of our products and services.

To design understanding what motivates those who are destined our products and services, show empathy and understanding within its scope to identify the necessary keys to reach a conclusion that produce significant changes, this is one of the primary strategies of a successful project.

The design as the Great Communicator

Make the user part of the design shows us the things to keep in mind when proposing a particular object or service.

A good design causes us a smile, but if we also design to communicate and interact emotionally with users. keep the smiles in time.

Mariano Fermosel is an industrial designer at the head of the proposal. @marianofermosel 

He represents many of the actors in the agro-industrial, cultural and industrial scene of Mendoza - Argentina. Sybarite and a great researcher of experience design, Mariano attempt to show the work behind each object and moment, anywhere in the world where take place these "touchpoints" or points of emotional contact with users.

Mariano Fermosel: 

"I´ve been working for companies and design agencies about Industrial Design, Innovation, investigation, trends and image. I also presented new concepts and products based in personal research in cultural trends and technology. My goals are related to lead the change"